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JUTRONIC Company offers a wide range of MF-medium frequency generators for induction heating melting systems and programs, designed in latest IGBT Transistor Technology, from our smallest units with ratings of 5 kW to 2.000 kW in the nominal frequency range from 300 Hz to 90 kHz. Our induction heating generators are constantly evaluating and developing parallel with solving wide field of applications according to the growing demands of customers.The JUTRONIC Solid State MF-generators are recommended and required in the following induction heating and casting technologies:

Casting and continuous casting

Forging and annealing

Hardening and normalizing

Tempering and stress reliving





The JUTRONIC offers also solid state Power Supplies with ranging from 3 kW to 10 kW the inverter, frequency range from 10 kHz to 30 kHz with variable output frequency and stabilized output voltage up to 10 kV, output current and power for the applications such as:

Plasma applications in technology of vacuum thin film coating

Ultrasonic cleaning devices

Ultrasonic welding and Bonding of plastic materials